Michał Buczko

Prezentacja: Budowa idealnego zespołu - retrospektywa (prezentacja w j. polskim)

4 years ago I started at new company in newly formed feature team. We were a team of 2 developers and 1 tester. During the next 4 years we got 5 different Product Owners, 7 Scrum Masters. We hit a lot of problems and obstacles and became dysfunctional team. Then we started searching how we can enhance the working experience inside our team and build our own team identity. We lost one of our Developers and later hired a new developer. We introduced him to the Team using all the ideas we got while building the team identity. The results were great we got better results and also got stability inside team changes. We rebuild the focus on product success and delivery to production. Got higher quality and smaller cycle times. I want to make a retrospective on my work inside the team. I will present to You how to recognize the 5 dysfunctions on product delivery and what practices can help you with building team identity that makes team members matching the "Ideal team player". I want to help You to learn from our mistakes and problems. Give You list of experiments and practices we had introduced. The goal is to give You a playbook that could help You work better inside Your teams, projects, organizations.


My „Business as Usual” is varied and exciting. I am a Test Consultant in Objectivity where I am the advocate for great and efficient testing. I give my insight in design of the test harness and solutions for customer cases, the definition of the scope of testing and work with Security Community of Testers. I try to be responsible for sharing „new-fancy stuff” with others and helping people grow as individuals. I am involved in various activities including testing, security, business analysis and taken a step into the world of the Product Owner. Now sharing my experience as Consultant.

I had spoken on multiple conferences in Poland like TestFest, TestDive, CodeForward, WroclawAgileDay. I was also invited to multiple meetups in Poland in Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Bialystok. Recently I started to make presentations abroad i.e. TestCon in Moscow and Vilnous, Testing United, HUSTEF, TAPOST and others. Few weeks ago testerzy.pl awarded me to be one of Testing People of 2019 in Poland.

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